Welcome to George’s Java Coffee Roasters and Coffee Shop

What is George’s Java?

George’s Java is a specialty coffee roaster and coffee shop. We specialize in organic coffees that are sourced from some of the highest quality grown coffees in the world. Our coffee blends are roasted on-site in small, 2 pound batches. This is a process and service that is unique to George’s Java and makes our coffee some of the richest and freshest around the Triangle. The name “George’s Java” draws on the history and heritage of the Metts family name. The shop will use this history to present a warm, farm-themed atmosphere where we hope to encourage a strong sense of community and open conversation.
George’s Java plans to open its doors for business in late December 2015 at 764-A Ninth Street in Durham, NC.
Who are the owners?

George’s Java is owned by Terry and Debbie Metts who live in Durham, North Carolina.

Mr. Metts worked for a Christian missionary organization for 20 years which lead him to Eastern and Western Europe where he became fascinated with specialty coffees. While he worked with college students in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Russia he spent his free time learning about coffees and espresso based beverages. Upon returning to the United States Mr. Metts opened a retail coffee shop in the Charlotte area of North Carolina. He worked closely with a local coffee roaster who supplied his roasted coffees. After four years Mr. Metts sold the coffee shop so he could source and roast his own coffee.
In his time since returning to the United States, Mr. Metts has attended specialty coffee conferences such as “Coffeefest” where he met manufacturers of coffee equipment, coffee roasters, and green coffee farmers from all over the world. Mr. Metts has taken his extensive background in specialty coffee and created George’s Java. Here, the coffees will be sourced, roasted, professionally brewed and prepared on site.
Who is George?

Terry Metts is a seventh generation descendant of George Metz (Metts). George came to America in 1710 as part of Lord Grannifield’s Commission to build a settlement on the coast of North Carolina. The settlement they created was named “New Bern” after Bern, Switzerland– Grannifield’s home.

George was one of thousands who had fled the Palatinate region of Germany bordering on France because of King Louis the 14th religious and political persecution. Queen Anne gave refuge to these “poor Palatinates” as she called them and offered to finance about 600 of them to go to America. George was one of these 600 who was chosen as he was young, healthy and possessed useful skills as a carpenter and farmer. Almost half of those who came to America died of disease before they reached their destination. George made it to New Bern and though many trials, including killing raids by the Tuscarora Indians, George eventually prospered and came to own 400 acres of land. He left his children George Jr. and Anne Metts a firm foundation and a farm that is still in the family to this very day.